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Bafang 8fun BBS02B 48V 750W Brushless Mid Drive Motor Retrofitting Trike Ebike Kits With 48V 14.5A Battery c965 lcd display

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New product

  • Brand Name:bafang/8fun
  • Voltage:48V
  • Design:Brushless
  • Wattage:750w
  • Motor Type:bafang mid drive motor kit
  • Name:Bafang Engine Ebike Kit
  • Application:Mountain Bike,City Bicycle,Snow Bike,Sand Bike
  • Model:48V/750W/KIT-BBS02b-A
  • Packing Weight:6.4KG
  • Feature:Mid Drive
  • BB Size:68-73mm
  • Display

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$ 699.00

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Bafang 8fun BBS02B 48V 750W Brushless Mid Drive Crank Motor Conversion DIY Trike Ebike Kits With 48V 14.5A Hailong Battery 

Bafang Motor Spec:

1. Voltage: 48V  current Limit:25A

2. Power: 750W

3. Motor Weight: 4.8kgs

4. BB Length: 68mm (Suitable for 68mm or 73mm length BB Bike Modification)

5. Working Temperature of Dsplay: - 20- 80

6. Waterproof Grade: IP65 

With an integrated speed sensor, this mid-drive motor, which is compatible with a 68-73mm bottom bracket, has a rated power of 750W, a reduction ratio of 1: 21.9 and a maximum torque of 160 N.m, will provide the rider with great explosive force when starting the system. Highly strong and efficient, this motor greatly enhances riding joy and is suitable for mountain bikes and sand bikes which are the favorites of riders who love challenges as well as transport bikes. This motor is black.

The Mid Drive Kits are designed to fit bikes with a 68mm (2.68 in.) or 73mm (2.87 in.) wide bottom bracket shell and 35mm inside diameter.  This encompasses the vast majority of bikes excluding some newer high end bikes with an Integrated Bottom Bracket, and Fat tire Bikes with a 100mm wide bottom bracket shell. V  750W BBS02 Bafang Central Motor



Packing list:


1. BBS02 + Mid-Drive Motor: 1 pc
2. LCD Display + Operation Button: 1 pc
3. Brake Levers: 2 pcs
4. Thumb Throttle: 1 pc
5. Waterproof Quick Release Wires: 1 pc
6. Speed Detecting Sensor + Magnet: 1 pc
7. Chain wheel + Chain Cover: 1 pc
8. Left Crank + Right Crank: each 1 pc
9. Fixing Plate: 1 pc 
10. M5*10 Nuts: 5 pcs 
11. M6*12 Nuts: 2 pcs 
12. M33 Nuts:  2 pcs
13. ST 3.9 Nuts:  5 pcs




1. Open the package and take out drive unit accessories; And check the specification whether it is correct.

2. Fix the chain wheel on drive unit with 5pcs screw M5*10, then fix chain cover on chain wheel with 5pcs screws ST3.9.

3. Fix the drive unit axle tube on frame bottom bracket.

4. The surface with teeth of fixing plate towards inside, then fix the plate on drive unit with 2pcs M6*10.

5. Hold the drive unit near to bicycle fork, force less than 5kgs, tight 1st nut M33 onto axle tube with force : 30-40N.m.

6. Fix 2nd nut M33 onto axle tube, tightening force: 30-40N.m.

7. Fix the left crank on the bike with M8 inner hexagon screw. Tightening force: 35-40N.m.

8. Fix the right crank on the bike with M8 inner hexagon screw. Tightening force: 35-40N.m.

9. Connect all cables for battery, display, speed detecting sensor and so on. 


Battery Spec:

US EU No Tax Shark battery pack 48V 14.5Ah Li-ion Frame Ebike Battery with USB port for 48V 750W 1000w Bafang E-Bike Kit

1. With USB port can charge Cell Phone and Bluetooth Speaker
2. New slim shark style Case Battery with power button
3.  Convenient Charge Port support 4A faster charge
4.  Waterproof and Solid plastic Case
5.  Lighted battery LED power Indicator
6.  Lock with Keys securely locks the mount on bike frame


Electric Bike Battery Specifications:

Nominal Voltage: 48V

Nominal Capacity: 14.5Ah

Composed Type: 13Series 5Paralles  13S5P

Cells:  18650

BMS: 30 Amp continuous 70±10Amp maximum

Fit Motor Power : 48V 350W 500W 750W 1000W

Charge Current: 2-5A

Charge Cut-off Voltage: 54.6V

Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 39V

Discharge Temperature: -20 to 65°C

Charge Temperature: 0 to 45°C

Dimensions:  90*110*360mm

Battery Weight: 4.5kg

Cycle life: ≥80% capacity after 800 cycles.